The Legislative Politics in Portugal Dataset

The legislative politics in Portugal dataset started with the dissertation of Patrícia Calca. She created a database which was in more detail described in Calca (2015). This database became the core of the legislative politics in Portugal dataset. After joining forces with Sebastian Koehler, the dataset was significantly expanded to provide a comprehensive dataset on legislative politics in Portugal. One of our main goals is the creation of a data set which allows mapping legislative Politics in Portugal as comprehensively as possible. We understand the provision of the data as a service to the political science community by allowing better access to information and a reduced language barrier, as we also provide translations of many Portuguese The dataset contains data from different sources. The most important is the data provided by the Portuguese Parliament (Assembleia da República) as part of their open data initiative. Other data sources are the electoral commission (CNE). The data set will continue to grow as we add more information along the road. The database will be updated regularly. We hope to get more researchers interested in Portuguese politics.


Aug 8, 2021 New website created

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